I have now adjusted my goals. I have decided I need to change my life. I will finish school within the next 6 months. While doing this I will get a job and save a lot of money. After I graduate I will try to find a job in Portland and then upon getting this job I will move to Portland and livehappily ever after. True story.... I hope.

update  09/01/2013:
Nope.  But you got a decent job, so chin up buttercup. 

Vacation from heaven!
I just spent almost 2 full weeks running around Las Vegas and Portland. It was like I had died and gone to fun for once.
This would have not been possible without my very nice friend Robert, to whom I will always think very fondly of. He was a sweetheart.

Well I am sure he still is, it's not like he is dead. Unfortunately he lives in Canada so I can't really kick it with my super cool friend easily haha.

We had a lot of super epic and not so epic adventures, he got to hear about my feet hurting WAY to much but in the end I believe it was a VERY good time, in fact I will say the greatest trip I have had yet and will probably remain in the top 3 of my lifetime. If it doesn't then my life is going to get way more kick-ass, just sayin!!
We went to Vegas and explored the strip and Fremont St. We played video games together at a video lounge bar called insert coins (which was way fun).

We went and saw the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. We saw tons of things we didn't expect to see, like the weird shoe tree on the way back to Reno. We laughed so much it was criminal and ate and drank and we were living it up. We stayed in a swank ass suite in the Hard Rock hotel and really had a good time.

IN Portland we stayed in a really fun boutique hotel called Jupiter and it came with chalkboard doors and earplugs and condoms on the night stand haha, it was quirky and fun and oh so Portland.

We ate the Le Bistro Montage and I got to take home my leftovers in the shape of an elegant tinfoil kitty cat. ;) We went to the city of books and the 24 hour church of Elvis, we had a fight on Burnside bridge. We laughed at people in a divy karaoke bar and watch strippers together. We played with a million video games at Game On 2.0 @ OMSI.

We did everything with style and when we didn't have that we did it with our weird sense of humor and still had fun. Overall it was magic and I am glad I shared it with someone I didn't know very well haha, it makes the memory stand out even more. So, Robert thank you for the time of my life.


There are strange things afoot, in my head at night; well at least I got to eat some Kimchi in my dream. No wait! I didn't I had to give it away to Bret and Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords. What? My old friend Melissa was married to some old Asian guy and I offered to bring the rest of my Kimchi over for house guests that were arriving. In the meantime I had never really interacted with Melissa because she was outside pouring concrete steps. Oh I also dreamt that my friend Rob blew up some power plant where he lived... then he (maybe we?) went to this little market and hung out and there was a hot tub in it and... Bret and Jermaine from flight of the conchords were in the hot tub. Some other stuff happened but its top secret. I have no clue what my brain is plotting but I can pretty much guarantee it is not coming true!


Lets see it has probably been about a half year since my last good ramble. I really don't know because I haven't looked, I am just making it up. Isn't that what we are all doing anyway? Just making it up as we go? I hope you say yes, otherwise I may have been doing this wrong!! EGAD!!! (Oh god).
I love words made up by the British. Without them we wouldn't be able to say "Bloody" in an entirely awesome context. "Oh Bloody hell!" Really, some of the stuff they say is just awesome! Like Bugger, ahaha I rest my case.
I think I have A.D.D. I mean I can't focus for very long. For instance, I began writing this over an hour ago. I totally forgot I was even writing it. Is this just a by product of technological distraction or am I really this bad? Perhaps it's dementia. EGAD!!!
I have forgotten whether there was an original point I was planning on making when I started this. It definitely wasn't meant to be about British slang; whatever works ok? OK!
Oh yes me Me ME!!! I was going to talk about myself!! Where do I find myself during August of 2011? Well, I am glad you asked. Oh you didn't ask! My bad! I am still in school but I hope to finish up early next year. I am still single and mostly loving it. I am not working but should probably change that because I wan't money. :)
Hmmm, I am going to Las Vegas for about a week with an "online" friend. :) If I never return let it be noted that I lived my life to the fullest, lived hard, loved hard, and hopefully died quickly. No regrets!!!