It's me again. I am trying to keep active so my back stops hurting. Sitting upright seems to help. We get the keys to our house today! So exciting! I need to find something fun to do. Hmmm. If anyone knows of any fun time wasters online let me know!
Okay well I am alive! Although this is without a doubt the worst pain I have ever experienced. I thought I was going die when I woke up after surgery. We get our house today. They brought the papers to us to sign yesterday since I couldnt walk. :)
Here is a link to see a picture of the house: http://realtor.com/Prop/1041479773
Copy and paste it. It will be repainted next summer, white and black with a red door. Right now it is UGLY. But it has alot of potential and we will have fun restoring it.
I am on my third day since the surgery and am able to sit in the computer desk chair so I guess I am recovering well. I can't wait until I am all better.
Well Happy New Years everyone.


Well just to let everyone know. I went for my surgery friday and everything is OK I am on the mend at the Sheraton in Maryland. Woohoo, actually its boring and I am hurting but I am healing and hopefully this surgery will work and I wont hurt again for a long time. Who knows guess I will see.


I have been on hold for 20 minutes trying to cancel stamps.com. Isn' t this bad customer service? I guess they don't care if you are cancelling.
I just voted for Kerry, although I wish we had more choices than just Bush or Kerry. Bush is a dolt and Kerry who is atleast literate does not really impress either. It's like the lesser of two evils. I should have just wrote myself in. What am I talking about, I don't trust my decisions either!


Its....Amy! Live from New York. Ok not really but that would be a trip! Okay I fell off the planet and got lost in outer space for a while, as I am sure I will do again soon. Surprise its me Im posting to my BLOG. Doesnt Blog sound like a cold?
Doctor: Im sorry you have a blog. Take two of these and call me in the morning!
I am such a goof ball. :)
My Uncle died today after a very long battle with pancreatic cancer keep his family in your prayers. He can now live happily without pain and hopefully meet a pretty great guy! :)
I have been working like a dog - where did this saying come? I have never seen a dog work at all. Lets try that again.
I have been working like a ant. After all I am realitively small in the universe. I dont really carry twice my weight on my back but grandma is heavy. I dont carry her on my back either but some days it feels as if I may have.
I have not had time for much personal, spiritual or any type of growth. It is hard on the whole family, Grandma got worse, hopefully she will get better soon and I can have the weekends off again.
I have been going to gym fairly regularly to try to maintain some type of good health, I really dont like to workout but I have no choice, doing nothing did not seem to work to well!

okay ththththththats all fffffolks!


If I could only be regular enough to remember that I have this thing. I have tons of interesting things to say but it seems like a shame to waste them here where no one will read them!


I took a vitamin today and it actually made me feel better. I often wonder if there is any real value in any pill but hey I feel more awake. :) Now I can think a little clearer. Smile even. Hey this is okay, maybe Ill do this everyday.
Is it possible to be so tired you brain stops functioning? You are just running on automated responses. I am on auto pilot please don't wake me up.


There is nothing consistent about me. It is really annoying to not be able to depend on yourself.