Need to unplug...

I plan on driving to a Zen Buddhist monastery to stay they weekend.  This means I will have to be all about that sacred silence.   This will be interesting for anyone who loves to talk such as I do.  But over the years I have learned the value of silence, so maybe it wouldn't hurt to practice it a little more. 
I am a bit freaked out about doing something wrong or just making a fool out of myself but they say you learn best through humility. 
I have recently had some issues with anxiety so I figured that this should be a great way to fight it.   So now my only concern is that I have a cold and I read not to go if I am sick, so if I can clear it up in the next 4 days... I am able to go, if not I will have to wait a month, and I might have a job or client by then so I better get better. If only there was a cure for the cold!


Reminder: Trust your journey ladies.


A good place to read about how women make it through everything.  It is also a nice way to realize how strong you are and how much worse things could really be and most important how we make it through and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and hopefully are happier.

Well that went to hell fast!!! (Over dramatic title)

Not trying to sound like Debbie downer or anything but it was amazing just how much life could go downhill within four months.  EDC was awesome and wonderful and I had a great time and it weird-ed me out and caused some emotional trauma revisited.  Overall I was okay.  Then I got stranded in the airport at San Francisco overnight thanks to runway construction and united airlines (which I will never fly with again I promise you) which I will write all about another time.  Get home totally exhausted but running off the high of my EDC trip which turned out to be a good thing because a mere two days later I was laid off from my job at badwill.  Har har.  Actually it was a blessing in disguise because I was beginning to realize again, not for the first, or second, or third, or tenth time.  I DO NOT LIKE TO WORK.  I love to work.  Just not for anyone else, so far.  :)  Don't get me wrong...working at Goodwill was amazing I learned so much and gained a ton of experience and insight, made new friends, and most of all it opened the door to foster home idea.

Now speaking of the foster home I am very happy to report that being laid off allowed me the time to actually work on get it opened.  Made about 4000.00 in changes to the house I didn't need to for a client that never moved in but o'well it is done in the future if it need be.  In less that 6 weeks I had myself licensed for an occupancy of 2 people and  my very first client.  I was optimistic, excited, and so ignorant!!
Well, my first client ended up not working out in a really big way.  First off there were several red flags I ignored, and omissions by previous providers and the state, second there was the fact I had no experience and third there was just good ol' universe deciding I should learn a lesson the hard way.  Well my client unbeknownst to me was a bit dangerous, and very violent, and I was not licensed or train for this type of individual and it ended in animal torture and me getting beat up and the police escorting this person out of my life.  I learned to think very hard about who is moving in, their personalities and their PAST and most off to make sure that I have ALL the information on the person, the entire picture.  I also learned about rules and boundaries and setting up my home more effectively.  I also learned that PTSD sucks and as I am typing this I a m have a nice anxiety attack reliving the experience!!
Okay it didn't all go to hell and I am taking a nice vacation to the coast with the kids on my unemployment money.
Life is good, life is hard, live is crazy.  Believe in your journey!  Loves!