Why's life so hard?

I don't really think it should be easy.  Easy is boring, but shouldn't it be a little less hard? I enjoy all my games on easy mode first play through. 
Hmmm, maybe just maybe I have already played through on easy and this insanity mode.  Nah, it is still too boring more like hard mode.  Insanity would need more explosions and knife fights.
Let's face it,  i might not be good at knife fights.  If I die, it's game over.   I realize objectively life is what you make of it but face it some of us are clearly dealt a better starting hand and draw way better cards by chance. 
I said face it twice. Hmmm, wonder if that means anything.  Probably, it probably means that I am stuck with all the choices I have from all of the choices I have made.  This actually seems like a sound enough theory.
I find as I get older that I worry more about missing out on all the kinds of experiences and things that I want to do or see before I kick the can.  Sure I can see more in my next life but I want to achieve way to much in this one! 
See what happens when I'm lying here on the sofa to sick to do my microeconomics homework! I get philosophical.
Love you!

So I'm trying a new app for my photography...

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