Ok lets try that again, that last post sounded sorta negative. Seriously I have a lot of great things in life. I just went on a fun trip to San Francisco. I smoked my hookah I bought there today and it was peaches! LOL. Went to Alcatraz FINALLY! It was pretty cool, maybe not as cool as I imagined. But still cool to be in a famous prison. I over spent in Japan town and stayed in a neat anime themed hotel called Tomo. I ate awesome food at awesome places. I didn't study for my math test and failed it Oops!! I made a new friend who I went on my trip with and he is a really nice person and I thank him for joining the mini vacation. I have made a habit out of vacations with friends hahaha. Hey I said I wanted to LIVE life and so far this has proved to be a super fun way to go about it.
 Plus I make some really great friends so far, I mean people I believe I can remain true friends with. And that's hard to do in this world, well maybe not but it seems that way. I can't wait till I land my dream job and can take my friends on pay back vacations!!! Sometimes you just really gel with someone and there was something about them I really value as a friend. Speaking of that concept, isn't it nice when someone just "gets" you?
Okay well UPDATE everyone I have met has turned out to be a psycho backstabber but Robert but honestly that little bit at the end was all about him anyway lolol.
Well I am on my last term at school and everything is not going as planned as usual. -_-. Had plans to get a job and move in April but everything is going haywire so it looks like I am stuck in the pit of despair for a few months. Finding a job here really freaks me out because everyone knows employment opportunities are not so great nor is the pay scale. I have to pass college algebra to graduate but unfortunately I have a solid D in this class so I am mega freaked out I wont graduate on time either. I am sure it will all work out! I mean life has a way of continuing no matter what you do. :) Thank Buddha! Anyway, just a quick update. Yay!