It's me again. I am trying to keep active so my back stops hurting. Sitting upright seems to help. We get the keys to our house today! So exciting! I need to find something fun to do. Hmmm. If anyone knows of any fun time wasters online let me know!
Okay well I am alive! Although this is without a doubt the worst pain I have ever experienced. I thought I was going die when I woke up after surgery. We get our house today. They brought the papers to us to sign yesterday since I couldnt walk. :)
Here is a link to see a picture of the house: http://realtor.com/Prop/1041479773
Copy and paste it. It will be repainted next summer, white and black with a red door. Right now it is UGLY. But it has alot of potential and we will have fun restoring it.
I am on my third day since the surgery and am able to sit in the computer desk chair so I guess I am recovering well. I can't wait until I am all better.
Well Happy New Years everyone.