Boom and there's art!

The sun came out today and I decided to make a coaster with magazine pages, and some collage art page and carved a face on my mandarin, there's no stopping me!

So I watched this awesome movie called Safety not guaranteed. It was was funny and kinda wacky and fun. I would like to time travel, I have thought about this and since the likelihood of having The Doctor show up at my door is low, I hope I meet someone else who might have a time machine, hot tub works too. Just saying.... Yeah...

Wanna see my art? Yeah I'm sharing it just for you. Its not especially good or creative but it was nice to play around with creating something today.


I have arrived! And why do I say this? Because I got a job! No not just a job but an actual career my little darlings! I have business cards, this is when you know your legit lol.
Haha but seriously, I am excited and look forward to the work I am doing and the people that I work with and for. I hope this will be what I was cut out for. ^_^
Okay enough of this boring stuff.