I'm deranged.

Or at least it feels that way when I log in and type all this stuff down to myself once in a while.  Actually it's so sporadic I am not sure I could even call it once in a while!  Soooo whats new?

I am working two jobs, yep working my butt off, saving money and trying to wait out a process necessary for Robert to get down here with me so we can both live in Portland.  We both love it there so much and I cannot wait until I can get back up there.

So I am working a lot lately, sometimes I get only a few hours a sleep a day but I just keep telling myself it will pay off later!!!

Julianna moved in with me and Gwynneth moved down to New Orleans and is now living with Mike.  Hmmm..... yeah that's it for now.  Life is tiring but wonderful!!

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Well I am almost done with school. If I can pass this math class anyway. I have a C right now so I think I can pull it off. :P
Grandpa Don died Tuesday, the family was there to say goodbye. I am officially grandparent-less. Oh I now feel the regret of not visiting enough. :( Well I suppose that is normal.
I bought a new car. A Honda, it is a project car. That was unintentional but someone sold me a car and long story short it has enough problems to officially be a project car! :P I had to replace the cv axle and the transmission, brake rotors and engine mount are next. :P Got it painted too, just temporary paint job but it is one color now haha! YES! I love my little car though so cute. BUt I have decided I am not allowed to buy a car on my own now haha. :P


Ok lets try that again, that last post sounded sorta negative. Seriously I have a lot of great things in life. I just went on a fun trip to San Francisco. I smoked my hookah I bought there today and it was peaches! LOL. Went to Alcatraz FINALLY! It was pretty cool, maybe not as cool as I imagined. But still cool to be in a famous prison. I over spent in Japan town and stayed in a neat anime themed hotel called Tomo. I ate awesome food at awesome places. I didn't study for my math test and failed it Oops!! I made a new friend who I went on my trip with and he is a really nice person and I thank him for joining the mini vacation. I have made a habit out of vacations with friends hahaha. Hey I said I wanted to LIVE life and so far this has proved to be a super fun way to go about it.
 Plus I make some really great friends so far, I mean people I believe I can remain true friends with. And that's hard to do in this world, well maybe not but it seems that way. I can't wait till I land my dream job and can take my friends on pay back vacations!!! Sometimes you just really gel with someone and there was something about them I really value as a friend. Speaking of that concept, isn't it nice when someone just "gets" you?
Okay well UPDATE everyone I have met has turned out to be a psycho backstabber but Robert but honestly that little bit at the end was all about him anyway lolol.
Well I am on my last term at school and everything is not going as planned as usual. -_-. Had plans to get a job and move in April but everything is going haywire so it looks like I am stuck in the pit of despair for a few months. Finding a job here really freaks me out because everyone knows employment opportunities are not so great nor is the pay scale. I have to pass college algebra to graduate but unfortunately I have a solid D in this class so I am mega freaked out I wont graduate on time either. I am sure it will all work out! I mean life has a way of continuing no matter what you do. :) Thank Buddha! Anyway, just a quick update. Yay!