(2/2) I have one more way to remember! ^^
(1/2) Testing out being able to blog from my phone! If this works i may actually have the time to blog! Okay lets be honest ... I will still forget! But now


So I am trying to maintain the flow but I feel like I might get drowned by my school schedule this term. I am only two weeks in and it seems to be pretty intense and I cant seem to make myself study. .....I am so annoying.


Excuse me will the real slim shady please stand up!
I have no idea why that just went through my head, but then again I must wonder where most of the things my brain concocts comes from. I have had it pretty good this year, killing myself off to finish school and I had a pretty amazing December.
This is notable because December is usually the worst month of my life. All the horrible things seem to happen upon me in December.
I decided to take a risk (which for anyone that knows me is not that crazy) and fly to New Jersey and hang out with a guy I met online! It turned out to be the trip of a lifetime! I spent time running around New York with him seeing the sites, went to Atlantic City and had some fun there too! Over all it was wonderful, he treated me like a princess and I doubt I will be treated like that again (if I am I will appreciate it though). I came home high off of a great adventure with good food and good memories. It was amazing! So for that I thank Li. Wherever he may be in the future, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for him.
Then I came home 4 days before Christmas and we had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family. Over all it was the greatest end to a painful year!
(On a side note, I had shoulder surgery 11/16 and was traipsing around New York in a sling!!)